Succinct (サシンクト)

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I started to build out this framework so I could have a de-coupled approach to unit testing my iOS apps using a BDD-style approach - without the time it takes to run UI tests. After re-creating the same style of tests several times I thought it’d be best to pull them together into a framework to help myself and possibly others.

Caveat: Succinct doesn’t support every single aspect of testing iOS view hierarchies just yet. I’m slowly adding functionality in as it is needed. If there’s something you’d like to see included please feel free to open an issue or make a PR. 👍🏻


📄 (Soon to be fully) Complete Documentation via GitHubPages

Automatic documentation generated thanks to Jazzy, GitHubPages and Travis-CI integration and some great guidance from @jgsamudio in this blog post. Keep an eye on the documentation badge above.

Getting Setup

Succinct supports installation via Carthage. Simple include Succinct in your Cartfile.private (github "derekleerock/Succinct") and include it in your test target.

Making a Contribution

If there is functionality that you’re looking for that is not included, please feel free to make a PR with your suggested feature and tests so we can discuss.

Running the tests

All of Succinct’s tests have been written using Quick and Nimble. Assuming you already have Carthage installed, you can easily fetch these dependencies by executing:

$ make bootstrap

There are two different test suites for Succinct: one which does not require the simulator to run, and one that does.

Unit Tests

$ make tests

Simulator Tests

$ make simulator-tests

Execute All Tests

$ make alltests


Succinct is licensed under the MIT License. Please see the LICENSE file.